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Hall) be able to leave Miami with his young son Harrison to start a new life in Argentina with his fugitive lover Hannah, and would he settle a score with a serial murderer named Saxon, or trust his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and fellow Miami officers to see justice done?

Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden for not protecting her, Dexter finished off Saxon.

Hall in the title role and Jennifer Carpenter as feisty, foul-mouthed Deb.

Topflight guest stars like Keith Carradine, John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits fueled excellent season-long arcs.

The 17-year-old told detectives that he had wanted to kill someone for years.

He said his urge to commit murder was like someone who was hungry and had to eat and had he had also fantasised about murdering his father.

After executing a pedophile and a rapist (who have killed their victims), Dexter investigates an intriguing serial killer that drains the blood and freezes the severed bodies of his victims.

Hall, who delivered a near perfect character in the role of David Fisher in SIX FEET UNDER, serves up yet another sumptuous performance as a serial killer with a difference in the darkly comedic DEXTER on the Showtime Channel.

Prosecutor Aaron Negangard: 'It's disturbing that a 17-year-old would want to kill under any circumstances, let alone his own brother.'He described Conley, who will be sentenced today as 'emotionless' when he was interviewed by police.

He stuffed his body in a rubbish bag and dumped him in a park near their home in Rising Sun, Indiana, and later drove to his girlfriend's home where they watched a film.

Conley confessed to killing his brother saying he had an uncontrollable urge for murder and wanted to model himself after the TV serial killer Dexter.

Then, after turning off Deb's respirator on the sly ('I can't leave you like this') he sneaked her body from the hospital and buried her at sea before wrecking his boat and faking his own death.'My own, small corner of the world will be a neater, happier place,' he told one victim - a repeat pedophile who had slipped through the cracks of the justice system - before beginning his ritual execution on the series' first episode in 2006.

Dexter's secret avocation as a vigilante dovetailed handily with his life as a blood-spatter expert for the Miami Metro Police Department and as the brother of Debra, who for much of the show's run worked beside him as an MMPD detective while serving as the person he was most connected with.

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